Welcoming Message

Welcoming message from the Head of the Department
Dear Newcomer Students,

The Black Sea region, that is, the region around Pontus, as many ancient writers called the sweetest of all seas, has always been an area of paramount geopolitical importance. These rich in natural resources lands border the sea which designates the boundary between Europe and Asia and is a hub for international transports. This blessed area from time immemorial has been a melting pot, where nations and civilizations cohabit, collaborate and occasionally engage in merciless conflicts, thus furnishing archaeologists, historians, political scientists and other scholars with rich research material.

The presence of Greeks in this area was extremely important. Ancient Greek colonies, the Byzantine Empire and several kingdoms have shone and died out, while the Greeks who lived or still live there are carrying in them a long history of glory, wealth and civilization, as well as of uprooting, poverty and suffering.

The Department of Language, Literature and Culture of Black Sea Countries was established in 2000 and has as its aim, already declared in its Founding Act, the interdisciplinary synchronic and diachronic study of this interesting region. Its curriculum places emphasis on the study of the Greek presence in the Black Sea area; however, the goals of the department are more complex and ambitious: You will chose one of the four languages offered, i.e. Russian, Turkish, Bulgarian or Romanian, and by the time of your graduation you will be able to obtain the certificate of proficiency that allows you to teach the language of your choice. You will also minor in a second language and you will gain a thorough knowledge of the history, politics and culture of the Black Sea Countries. The programme will qualify you to search employment as language teachers, as translators, interpretors, as employees of the public sector, or at private companies, or in the sector of tourism.

However, your most valuable gain out of this four year voyage, more valuable than the golden fleece, will be the development of admiration and respect for different cultures, which will prepare you to become part of a new, free thinking, unprejudiced generation.

Professor Charikleia Grace Ioannidou
Department of Greek


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