ID Course Number Lesson Teacher Αίθουσα Day Hour Μονάδες Προαπαιτούμενα
Υ2 Υ2 Introduction to linguistics 5
Υ3 Υ3 Folklore studies and the Black Sea region: Theoretical issues 5
Υ4 Υ4 Introduction to translation studies 5
Υ5 Υ5 Contemporary political, financial and social institutions in the Black Sea region 5
ΥΒ1 ΥΒ1 Bulgarian Ι 7
ΥΡ1 ΥΡ1 Romanian I 7
ΥΡΣ1 ΥΡΣ1 Russian I
ΥΤ1 ΥΤ1 Turkish I 7