ID Course Number Lesson Teacher Αίθουσα Day Hour Μονάδες Προαπαιτούμενα
Υ10 Υ10 Theoretical aspects of terminology 5
Υ7 Υ7 An ethnographic overview of the Black Sea region 5
Υ8 Υ8 Greeks in the Black Sea region throughout tiquit 5
Υ9 Υ9 Contemporary politics in the Black Sea Countries 5
ΥΒ6 ΥΒ6 Bulgarian ΙI 7
ΥΡ6 ΥΡ6 Romanian II 7
ΥΡΣ6 ΥΡΣ6 Russian II 7
ΥΤ6 ΥΤ6 Turkish II 7